Big Hit Music hosting global audition to find new K-pop stars

Big Hit Music, the agency of boy bands BTS and Tomorrow X Together, is hosting a global audition to recruit potential K-pop stars. The audition, called “2021 Big Hit Music Global Audition,” aims to look for “individuals with talent and passion… 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

GS Energy to import ‘blue’ ammonia from Abu Dhabi

GS Energy plans to import “blue” ammonia from Abu Dhabi to Korea to test its potential as an alternative to fossil fuels. 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

aespa’s new EP ‘Savage’ enters Billboard charts at No. 20

aespa’s new EP, “Savage,” has entered the Billboard charts, the girl group’s agency SM Entertainment said Monday. The album reached No. 20 on the Billboard 200 chart, Billboard announced on social media the same day. SM cited the milestone as the… 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

ADEX begins

The Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) kicks off its five-day run on Tuesday at Seoul Air Base in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, to showcase cutting-edge military hardware and technologies. 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

Vaccinations begin for some teens and pregnant women

Vaccinations for adolescents aged 16 and 17 and pregnant women kicked off Monday. Vaccinations for minors aged 16 to 17, or for those born between 2004 and 2005, began Monday and will continue until Nov. 13… 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

Tving to work with Line and Samsung Electronics

Tving is working with Line, and soon possibly with Samsung Electronics, to extend its reach and build its market, the streaming company said during a press conference held Monday. Details about the agreement with Line are vague, but the company … 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

2021 Kiaf Seoul art fair wraps up with record-breaking sales

The 2021 edition of Kiaf Seoul, one of Korea’s major art fairs, wrapped up on Sunday with record sales of 65 billion won ($54.8 million), proving that the Korean art market is booming. The Galleries Association of Korea, which hosts the annual art… 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

‘I only worried about public funds,’ says Gov. Lee

The ruling Democratic Party's (DP) presidential nominee, Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, pushed back Monday on allegations that he masterminded the Daejang-dong development project to favor acquaintances during his time as Seongnam mayor. 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글

Young Italian artists to be showcased at exhibition in Gangnam

The Embassy of Italy to Seoul and the Italian Institute of Culture will hold a contemporary art exhibition to introduce emerging, young Italian artists supported by Italian companies. The show, titled “We Love Art: Vision and Creativity Made in… 기사 더보기 대출디비 보험디비 카지노디비 디비판매 추천 기사 글